Visibility powers

We are not focusing on the temporary things that can be seen but on the eternal things that are currently unseen. 2 Cor. 4:18

Sometimes it’s really good to realize that some of the things that we can see are not permanent. Distasteful work tasks, bad haircuts, wrinkles, violence, poverty, clutter, and empty chairs at the table, to name a few of my least favorite things. It is something unseen within us that gives meaning to the impermanent, tangible things that we do like thinking about. Some of the very best things are things we can’t see. What if unseen things like love, hope, peace, grace, creativity, humor, and kindness are tangible in their eternal forms? We get little glimpses, whispers, wafting scents of them expressed in each other, or in some creation of God, or in some God-inspired human creation. What if eternal things will be experienced with even more than five senses? And in more than four dimensions? What if all we cannot see now about God becomes tangible? Such thoughts disempower temporary irritants and put them in their minuscule place.

Lord, thank you for eternal things experienced today.