The search for misplaced treasure

A woman who has 10 silver coins loses one. She doesn’t stop to light a lamp or sweep. She focuses on finding that coin. When she finally finds it she calls all her neighbors together and rejoices because she found the lost coin. Angels rejoice like that when someone’s outlook is transformed* because of Christ. Luke 15:8-10

Personally I think turning on the lights and sweeping might have helped her find the coin, but I am very experienced at looking for lost stuff. If I could get back all the time spent looking for keys alone I’d have several months.
Unless an item has been utterly destroyed every lost thing exists somewhere in some form. So really, lost things are actually misplaced. Keep looking long enough and carefully enough and they will eventually turn up.
Imagine the Mona Lisa is missing. It’s valued at $790 million dollars but it’s priceless because there is only one Mona Lisa.  The flurry of searching for the Mona Lisa is nothing compared to the intensity with which God values us and persists in looking for ways to show Himself to us so that our minds can get to the place where we know Who He is in us and who we are in Him.

Lord, thank you for persisting until you find all that is misplaced and for restoring all that is worn ragged from being misplaced.

*metanoia – traditionally translated “repent or regret.” At the time “metanoia” was used in this writing it was understood to mean “a change of mind or thinking.”  The focus is not on all the ways we’ve been wrong but on discovering and receiving the treasures God lays before us because He loves us. If you’re going to spend your time looking for something, let it be something beautiful and valuable.