Love in a state of continuous discovery and amazement

See what great love the Father has given us that we may be called children of God. The reason the world does not know or understand* us is that it did not know or understand Him. 1 Jn. 3:1

What we gain through calling ourselves His children is intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and experiential love.
We are always in a state of ginōskō , recognizing the familiar from His perspective, perceiving God in new ways, always learning and gaining understanding as our relationships with our Father grow and the realization of what it means to be His children settles in us. All we discover through knowing Him is permeated with His great love. If we want to help others in the world to recognize that they, too, can call themselves His children, it is most likely that trying to explain the tangibles and reasoning behind what we think we know will be less effective than communicating His great love.

Lord I want to know Your love more deeply and fully myself and to help others experience what it means to be your child.

ginōskō  tr. “know” also means “to understand, to recognize, to perceive, to see”