Being misunderstood is not a virtue

The reason the world does not understand* us is because it did not understand Jesus. 1 Jn. 1:3b

Grace reflects the love of a Father who wants to be known and sent His Son to reveal Himself to the world.
Grace communicates the motives and message of this Father’s children.
Sometimes we equate being misunderstood with being like Jesus when what we may need is a gut check concerning our motives, messages, or methods. There is no inherent virtue in..

…being confusing or misunderstood.
…rejecting intellect or emotion.
…making intellect or emotion paramount.
…taking action for action’s sake.
…remaining static to avoid misinterpretation.
…remaining silent to avoid conflict.
…replacing work and doing for engaging mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.
…using prayer and study to avoid engaging physically or relationally.
…expressing ideas about God without communicating His love, peace, hope, and mercy.

The messages about the Father and His Son that His children communicate and the motives with which we communicate them do affect the way the world sees and responds to God.

May His children express His great love with the confidence that comes with experiencing it themselves. May that love inspire more and more to discover His love and call themselves His children.