Partial eclipse of the heart

In the beginning… was the Word [Jesus]…and in Him [Jesus] is life and that life is the light of humanity. The light shone in the darkness but the darkness didn’t perceive it. Jn. 1:1,4-5

Jesus cannot be eclipsed by the darkness. The light that is Christ has always been. He shone at the creation of the world. He was shining when the first creeping darkness cast its shadow on creation. In the moments when it looked like darkness would overtake the whole world, Christ has always been that spirit of mercy, that gesture of love that overtakes prevailing hate. In the moments of confusion and emptiness when the light in our hearts feel eclipsed by pain, fear, loss, and evil, Christ is that fleeting thought of truth and goodness, that sliver of hope that persists. His is the voice that speaks love and grace, reason and truth so we never have to perceive total darkness.

Lord, help my eyes to perceive Your light when things look dark.