God’s will is not a hamster wheel

…be transformed by the renewing of your minds , so that you may recognize as genuine (discern) the will of God, what is inherently good, well-pleasing (acceptable), and completed (perfect).  Romans 12:2

This isn’t about agonizing over whether we’ve figured out God’s will for our lives and then stressing all the time over whether we are understanding it right and doing it right.  What, make that Who, could be inherently good and totally acceptable? What has been brought to an end, wanting nothing necessary to be complete? Could it be that recognizing the adequacy of Christ causes us to experience adequacy?  Could it be that the will of God is met in His Son and in us as we experience our goodness, acceptability, and perfection,  in Him and through Him? 

Perhaps our spiritual and life journey comes from moving higher up and further into what transformation and renewal mean rather than running the hamster wheel of trying to do better and be better so God will like us.

Lord, help me to experience and grow in the goodness, pleasure, and completeness You’ve given me.