Erase. Delete. Forget-about-it.

Love is not irritable, and it keeps no record of wrongs. I Cor. 13:5b

We get to choose how much harder we are going to let the past make the present and future. We can choose to live suspicious, angry, hurt, and offended, keeping record of wrongs. Or not.
If we are forever remembering ways we’ve been hurt and the people who hurt us it is harder to trust the love of God or to trust the love of the people in our lives now. If we are constantly focused on our own guilt and failures it’s harder to embrace who we are now, to enjoy relationships with others, and to experience God’s acceptance of us and delight in us.
Is there benefit in examining the past and dealing with damaging patterns? Without a doubt.
Does keeping no record of wrongs mean we ignore injustice or abuse? Not at all.
Does giving a clean slate come with a risk that we will be hurt again? Absolutely.
The existence of wrongs brings complications, causes hurt, and creates tension. Wrongs make hard places on the journey we walk together. Holding onto wrongs is like pouring jagged rocks over all the soft places so that all of it is hard.
Jesus offers us the easy yoke and light burden to walking with clean slates in His love and grace and bringing that same slate-cleaning love and grace into our relationships with ourselves and others.

Lord, thank You for loving me with love that keeps no record of wrongs; I need to borrow Your eraser.