Prayers for healing

But Jesus said, “Someone deliberately touched me, for I felt healing power go out from me.” Luke 8:46

Once a sick lady in a crowd reached out and touched the hem of Christ’s robe. She wasn’t trying to find a process for healing, she just trusted the person of Christ to meet her need. She deliberately acted on her belief and received healing. That doesn’t mean we have figure out how to sneak up behind Jesus and grab His robe.
Too often we try to figure out the formula for getting God to give us what we want.
Sometimes we try to duplicate someone else’s experience with God in hopes we’ll get the same results they got. 
Some people feel inspired to engage in some kind of prayer ritual that is meaningful to them.
This doesn’t mean God expects that of everyone.

Faith isn’t a performance to be judged. Having our needs or desires met isn’t something we win because we performed well or prayed correctly. Our Father loves us. It’s a relationship. We have conversations. We tell Him even though He already knows. We can always always trust His love.

Lord, there are several people I know who could use some of Your healing power. You know who they are. I trust Your love for them.