Always Check “Yes”

Is there any encouragement from belonging to Christ?
Any comfort from His love?
Any fellowship together in the Spirit?
Are your hearts tender and compassionate? Phil. 2:1

(Hint: The answer is always “yes.”) Sometimes the Father shouts “Yes” with a divine, spine-tingling, nearly tangible loving Presence. Sometimes Jesus manifests His “Yes” through the encouragement, comfort, and sense of belonging we give to and receive from each other. Sometimes Holy Spirit whispers “Yes” in the settled peace that we feel when we just know that God is always in us, with us, and for us. Answering “no” might be a temporary perception we entertain because we feel discouraged or isolated, but “yes” is the reality God restored us to live in. “Yes” is the environment in which we thrive.

Lord, let the “yes” ring in my ears and spring from my lips all the time.