There is no frame big enough for the whole picture

Now our knowledge is partial and incomplete, and even the gift of prophecy reveals only part of the whole picture! I Cor. 13:9

If the big picture is supposed to have a frame, it’s not up to us to frame it. God is the creative source of the whole picture, and, at least from our perspective, He is still painting it. Through scholarship, science, and philosophy we seek to understand ourselves and the seen and unseen things in the world around us. We process, decide, and proceed based on our certainty and confidence in what we think we know. We try put a frame around the picture with our knowledge but all we really do is crop the picture, make it smaller, and call it reality.

It’s no wonder the whole picture is hard for us to see. We’re trying to see it while standing inside of it. In recognizing that we open ourselves to living inside God’s whole picture than the one we’ve declared finished and framed. In not knowing we experience wonder. In not knowing we experience the joy of discovery. In not knowing we experience more complete trust in God. In knowing that we experience revelation. And understanding what we do know from a frame-less perspective expands our hearts and minds, expands our interactions with God, and makes the world we experience bigger.

Lord, increase both my trust, my perspective, and my understanding.