Just keep swimming…and shining

I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness. Jn. 8:12
You are the light of the world…[that] gives light to everyone… Matt 5:14-15 – Jesus

It’s actually kind of difficult to find a place on earth to experience total darkness, perhaps if you go into an unlit cave or dive deep in the ocean at night. The moment someone lights a candle or a luminescent jellyfish swims by the totality of the darkness is destroyed. Whatever darkness causes hurtful behaviors and attitudes like hate, anger, greed, prejudice, violence, selfishness, manipulation, deceit, etc. to seem reasonable, pleasurable, or justified, that darkness are not total and certainly not more powerful than Jesus, the Light of the world.

The best way to light the darkness is to love others and advocate good with much grace. Even when if doesn’t feel like showing love and grace is changing the way people see things or treat each other, love diminishes evil the way a luminescent jellyfish destroys darkness. Just keep swimming and shining.

Lord, help me to reflect Your light when darkness seems prevalent.