The flow of goodness

God is mighty and powerful, able to make all grace (joy, sweetness, and satisfaction in life) so abundant and overflowing that in all things and at all times you experience such contentment within yourself (autarkeia ), and from that flows good work. 2 Cor. 9:8

The trajectory of flowing water changes as it interacts with various objects and forces to form individual streams and currents. Impact causes water to splash, moving drops from current to current. Light dances in each splashing drop. We are part of this beautiful flow of God’s own grace. As we becomes aware of living in the flow of His loving intentions for us, and for others, good work naturally results. Moving in His flow brings inspiration and and delight to what we produce and contribute. From Christ in us flows loving kindness and goodwill that splashes over into the lives of others, changing not only the trajectory of their lives, but ours as well.

Thank you for sweeping me along in the flow of Your love. Thank you for so much abounding goodness. Help me to notice and appreciate it in others and to express it myself in all things and at all times.