The amazing vibe of fruit

The fruit of the Spirit is love, calm delight, peace, fortitude, gentleness, beneficence, and faith. Gal 5:22

I am fortunate to have family, friends, and co-workers who love me, are calmly happy and peace-loving, show grit, treat other souls gently, and are charitable and reliable. Because we are created in God’s image, we each have unique combinations of these expressions of God’s nature embedded in our unique temperaments, but rarely are these traits all expressed by the same person at the same time. That would be one incredible vibe.

To follow the fruit metaphor, the flavor of the Holy Spirit seems to have strong notes of every one of the traits mentioned; but rather than a blend of all these traits as distinct fruits, perhaps this single fruit of the Spirit is the origin of the species. Partaking in God’s nature infuses everything into one amazing vibe that we get to experience and express.

Lord, help me have Your vibe as I approach the delights and challenges this day holds.