For the holiday, bring pie and voluntary amnesia

I will forgive graciously, and I will never again remember their failures. Heb. 8:12

Instead of Auntie bringing pumpkin pie and judgment and cousin Lulu bringing rolls and resentment, what if everybody just brought food, thankfulness, and voluntary amnesia? The all-knowing God chooses to forgive with such finality that, from His end of the relationship anyway, it is like our failures never happened in the first place. Over and done. Period. If we bring everything that makes us feel like failures, everything we regret, and everything that we use to label ourselves into our relationships and/or if we remember all the ways others disappoint, fail, and annoy us and apply labels and expectations to future interactions with them, then “over and done” is never over and done. What if each of us could arrive home for the holidays undefined and unmarked by past mistakes (or even present ones)? George MacDonald wrote that “love is the opener as well as the closer of eyes.” While we may not have God’s power to wipe away memories, we can choose voluntary amnesia and close our eyes to the baggage of the past and open them to the beauty God sees in us and in those around us.

Lord, help us see ourselves and one another through Your eyes of love and grace.