Simple, basic, thanksgiving

Give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and wonderful works for the children of men. Ps. 107:8

Everybody comes to the Thanksgiving table from a different year’s worth of experiences. For some of us it’s easy to list a bunch of blessings and thank God for the bounty and abundance we enjoy. For others the path to Thanksgiving is strewn with grief, disappointment and unanswered prayers.
If we assume that God does indeed love us and that His attitudes and actions toward us are motivated by that love (If that’s not true then what’s the point?) then recognizing that and being thankful is simple.
If we insist on linking “wonderful works” to God’s love as a condition then thanksgiving gets complicated. We have to define “wonderful works.” We have to engage in arguable conjecture about why we did or did not experience our version of “wonderful works.” To make the propositional logic work we have to assign traits to God that may not be accurate.
We are better off focusing on the love instead of the wonderful works. Thankfulness for God’s love might just reveal some wonderful works we missed while we were looking for the wonderful works we specified.

Thank you God for this very good year. Use me to make next year better for someone who is wondering what happened to Your “wonderful works” this Thanksgiving.