Christmas standards: Peace and Goodwill

Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace and goodwill toward humankind. Luke 2:14

God stated His attitude and intentions toward humankind in the angelic message that accompanied Jesus’ birth: peace and goodwill. This is God’s heart for His creation. This is His endgame. Sadly, human beings sometimes inflict guilt, exert control, manipulate outcomes, create conflict, and even start wars (sometimes distorting or misrepresenting God’s attitude and intentions in the process.) Bringing God’s peace and goodwill into an interaction does just the opposite. Imagine a season in which every interaction in homes, workplaces, schools and worship centers; at events, gatherings, and parties; on roadways, at stores, and in airports; between families, friends, neighbors, and even enemies; across cultural, social, racial, gender, political, and religious lines could start from an attitude and intention of peace and goodwill.

Lord, help me to speak and respond out of Your peace and goodwill in every circumstance, even the ones that try my patience.