Starlike qualities

When they saw the star, they were filled with joy! Matt 2:10

God sent an angel to Mary and the shepherds who were all Hebrews. The angel referenced familiar prophecy and scripture to announce Jesus to them. But to the Magi who were from a different culture God sent a star. God knew the Magi, he understood their culture, and used something they would understand to draw them to worship His son. God wants each of us to find Him so He’s placed guiding stars that lead to Christ in every life. Rather than insisting that everyone use the same signs and traditions and words to celebrate the message of Christmas, perhaps adopting the star-like qualities of giving light and providing direction better serves the gospel of grace and love and better serves the relationships we enjoy with others. Sometimes we get to the be ones who suggest the meaning of stars that appear in the lives of others. May our responses cause their stars to point to Christ.

Lord, help me to recognize the stars in the lives of my friends.