Have yourself a stress-less little Christmas

Rejoice and be exceedingly glad…Matt 5:13

Christmas is a season for rejoicing…and stressing. At some point during the holiday season, and often on the Big Day itself, everything gets to be too much. Sometimes its good to downsize our expectations of ourselves and our celebrations. This is, after all, a birthday party for Jesus. Getting uptight about the meals, the gifts, the decorations, the plans for gathering seems so Martha-ish.  This season is about relationships, love, peace on earth, goodwill toward all. Each hug, each conversation, each quiet moment staring into the yule log, each toast, each carol, each “thanks, I love it” after unwrapping a gift, and even each tacky piece of yard art can be a little Christmas all by itself. No pressure, just look for all the little Christmases and rejoice in Christ and in the ones who strike your happy.

Lord, help me to peace out instead of stressing out, Grinching out, or checking out.