What is your New Year’s quest?

To everything there is a season and purpose under heaven. Ecc. 3:1

We march into new seasons and new years determined to fix ourselves and to do better. Perhaps instead of resolutions about changing our behavior we might consider a journey of self-discovery. What are my purposes? What motivates these purposes? How does who I am (or think I am) flow with these purposes?

From a place of love and significance our answers to these questions might be different than they would be from a place of fear and obligation.

Too often we settle for compensation rather than fulfillment. Too often we are driven by the “should’s” and expectations of others, some planted into our psyches from childhood, rather than operating from a sense of personal identity and worth. Too often our choices and behaviors are so God will love us instead of because God always loves us. Too often how we perceive ourselves is derived solely from our own and our culture’s past and present rather than from discovering our identity within the Eternal Who is Love and in Whose flow we live and move and belong.

Lord, I want my purposes under heaven be a natural response to existing in Your love, to loving You, loving life, loving others, and loving myself.