Seize the eternity

Is eternity exclusively an after-death experience?
Is it possible that we are immersed in eternity right now?

Could compartmentalizing how we think and process God and life make eternity harder to experience? We may have been taught to see God as separate and nearly unattainable. We may have been taught that God is only experienced through going to particular places, participating in particular events, following a particular set of rules, or reading one particular book.
What if our everyday life experiences are part of something larger than the limitations of our time and place on earth? Maybe life is more than whatever motivates us in our work, our affiliations, or our recreations. Maybe the way we compartmentalize our lives makes integrating into the eternal life harder.

What if God permeates every sub-atomic quark and all the spaces between the quarks?
What if awareness of being in God, interconnected with all that is also within God is a way to participate and experience the eternal life now?
Is it possible that eternal life is experienced through seizing hold of an integrated way of thinking and processing everyday moments in the framework of the eternal God?

Lord, help me to seize the eternal life.