Charizomai is a mouthful. But it’s a good word. And not a Pokemon

Charizomai is traditionally translated as “forgiveness” but it means a lot more than that. It means “to show oneself gracious, kind, and benevolent.” This is God’s attitude and He lets us become part of it. “Forgiveness”  is a product of a gracious attitude. Giving freely, and offering restoration and rescue to those in trouble also come from this attitude.
We can give or forgive because we are “supposed to,” but what we do out of obligation rather than freedom rarely brings peace or joy. It might relieve a little guilt or remove a little fear, but fear and guilt are the motivators Jesus came to free us from not ones that are supposed to drive our choices.
Rather than always thinking about what we “should do” we are free to focus on and enjoy what Christ has already done and to experience His nature, His attitude, and His responses flowing from us. His grace for us, in us, and through us allows us to see others with God’s compassionate eyes, respond to others with the Father’s loving heart, and understand others with Christ’s gracious mind.

Lord let Charizomai kindness naturally flow from me because I live in You and You dwell in me.