Remembering mercy and truth

Why is it that many of us feel much more inclined to forget mercy than to forget truth? What we believe to be true profoundly affects self image, our ethics, our choices, and our relationships. Kindness toward others, and toward ourselves, allows us to feel comfortable in our own skin and to adapt graciously to a variety of people in a variety of environment. Truth and mercy need not be viewed as opposing forces and we shouldn’t have to do without either one.

If law is our primary truth there is always going to be some tension between truth and mercy. Law gives us lists of ideological positions and behaviors against which to measure ourselves and others. If we hang law around our necks then we are almost obliged to engage in judgment of, and conflict with, those who don’t agree with our truth.

If love is our primary truth then mercy and truth become one single driving attitude and motivation. Love gives us freedom to simply enjoy all our relationships. Love creates an environment for authentic, meaningful exchange of ideas.

Lord help me speak authentic, truthful, loving words from an abundant heart.