The daring metamorphosis of new creations

It would never occur to a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis to drag the thing around with it for the rest of its life. Imagine a butterfly continuing to inch along on the ground like a caterpillar after discovering it has wings.

Humans often deny themselves the opportunity to fully embrace newness. We continue to adhere to old habits and thought patterns that tether us to our past. We hang onto old grudges and glories and define ourselves by past mistakes or successes. We drag around our baggage and weigh down our wings.

Let us dare to respond to life with all that is new in Christ;
dare to be authentically, unapologetically our new selves;
dare to love unconditionally; dare to dance with God.
Let us spread our wings and let His Wind take us.

Lord, help me to let go of the past and to be the new that You are making me.