The condition my rejoicing is in

Rejoicing in the Lord is an unconditional response. Certainly we are thankful when good things come our way. We rejoice when our prayers are answered. But that kind of rejoicing is conditional. We like the favorable circumstances; and we credit and thank God for them.

Rejoicing in the Lord is more about the joy and peace that comes with awareness of Who God Is and who we are in Him outside circumstances.
Knowing our Father loves us unconditionally, we rejoice.
Experiencing the continuously restorative, inspiring renewal of Jesus Christ, we rejoice.
Sensing the gentle voice of the Spirit assuring, empowering, and guiding us, we rejoice.
Rejoicing in the Lord is delight because we are at home in Him and He makes His home is us.

Lord, I am immeasurably blessed in You, through You, because of You. And I rejoice.