Big inheritance

There was a time when our young brains had not developed enough to understand abstract concepts like infinity. We barely could grasp the concept of millions. What we experience now of this inheritance kept for us in heaven is like a stipend from an infinite trust. From what we can know and experience here and now, this inheritance looks like relationship. It looks like love and grace, like peace and hope, like freedom and security, like wonder and rest. It looks like transformation.

This inheritance cannot be diminished by world economics, environmental impact, human valuation, or the impact of time and wear. Things change, wear out, get old, and decay. Sadly humans experience some of this wearing out too.  Fortunately our inheritance is eternal, infinite, and restorative. We can look forward to being utterly amazed by the magnitude of this inheritance when we have the capacity to comprehend it.

Father, thank you for all You are and all we are because our inheritance is forever in You.