Preparation is sometimes fear’s brilliant disguise

Sometimes waiting and preparation result in growth and wisdom, but sometimes waiting and preparation turn into endless, habitual inaction, mostly motivated by fear.

We can spend too much time getting ready:
agonizing over what might be the “right thing to do”
agonizing over whether or not we are doing the right thing the right way,
studying the issue and trying to understand all the nuances,
planning for every possible problem or scenario,
focusing on our own inadequacies and on fixing ourselves first,
worrying about what other people think of us or our choices.

Maybe now is the time to take that leap of faith
to trust God with whatever comes next,
to get out there,
to jump in and see what happens,
to accept and forgive ourselves,
to trust the gifts God has given us,
to get on with our lives in His grace.

Lord, help me to stop rearranging the suitcase and jump into the journey.