Asking for directions

For years Google Maps couldn’t find my workplace. We’d have to include maps and explanations for all our visitors. Some life situations require a little more direction than the general advice that comes from books, much less Google and YouTube.

God is relational and so are we. In many situations what we need most are caring friends who know us personally and conversations with people who have experienced what we are going through. Sometimes we need professional counselors. God frequently puts people in our lives so that He can use them to love, to help, and to guide us. When we are trying to work through problems and find direction it’s essential to have trustworthy friends who care.

Wherever we get out council, it’s wise to consider everything and follow the intersection of spirit, mind, and heart. if we treat general advice like Google maps we might assume that we are being pointed in a certain direction and end up somewhere we didn’t plan to be. Sometimes these unexpected detours are God-ordained, sometimes not. But they all can become God-redeemed.

Thank You for showing up when I need You through so many people who love me.