Loving ourselves gets us off the try-hard hamster wheel

Is God some kind of deluded optimist who can’t see all the ways in which we suck, have sucked, or will suck?

We may feel unworthy of love because we aren’t beautiful enough, rich enough, successful enough, disciplined enough, smart enough, talented enough, nice enough…or just generally not enough. Sometimes our choices default to these negative perceptions about ourselves. Sometimes we let ourselves be defined by our failures. Sometimes people judge us and we believe them. Sometimes we beat ourselves up because we think this is what righteous, humble people are supposed to do. Eventually our negative perceptions about ourselves build until we don’t love ourselves anymore, if we ever did. Living in self-loathing becomes a try-hard hamster wheel.

Stop it. Abide. In God’s eyes we are complete, enough, beloved, significant, and connected. Abiding in His love means loving and accepting ourselves, living in our enoughness, belovedness, significance, and connectedness.  When we love ourselves our lives and relationships become lighter yet somehow fuller. More truthful, yet somehow more gracious.