Beyond definitions

God is love and, like every aspect of His nature, God’s justice and goodness is full of love. Why does God love it when we choose to be just and good.

Usually we’d start by asking what “just” and “good” mean, but defining what those words mean would take up a couple of year’s worth of blogs and would probably lead to some form of legalism. However we define them, they start with an intention and attitude to love. Seeking to be just and good is not about escaping punishment or being obligated. Those motives are fear-based and there is no fear in love.

God loves it when we experience that kind of closeness with Him because this is the kind of relationship He created us to have with Him. Whether it’s justice, goodness, joy, peace, or any other trait that is a manifestation of God’s own nature, as we experience these privately or manifeset these into our world we get to to sense what it means to be one with God, identifying fully with His nature, His truth, His love.

Lord, let me manifest justice and goodness in ways that lead to making things better for others and to experiencing the authenticity and fulfillment of operating fully in You as You made me to be.