God’s overpowering perfume

Memes.comSometimes life stinks. Christ is victor over every evil, over death and grave, over trouble and disappointment, over sickness and poverty, and over all the tough stuff in life that stinks. Christ’s fragrance is that of redemption, resurrection, and renewal. In Christ everything is already clean, restored, and smelling sweet. But at this point in our linear, timeline here on earth, that stuff is still real and that stuff still stinks. Having the mind of Christ allows us to smell the clean, sweet fragrance of triumph stronger than the crushing stench of a disaster area, a dump, a battlefield, or a hospital.  God puts the scent of resurrection flowers into our breath, our sweat, and our tears so that as we love and care for others the stink of hardship is overpowered by the sweet perfume of His triumphant love and grace.

Lord, thank you for the sweet smell of Your perspective.