Love shreds the rap sheet

Sometimes our reaction to being hurt is to add that offense to a mental rap sheet that we are keeping on the offending party. While these rap sheets are especially handy during arguments, they have a tendency to promote bitterness in relationships. Some  of us create even harsher rap sheets about ourselves.

Some of us cast the Father as both judge and rap-sheet record-keeper, Jesus as our defense attorney against this irritable judge, and the Holy Spirit as a sort of Jiminy Cricket, constantly guilting us about our past failures and potential for wrongdoing. This doesn’t seem like the love that is not irritable and keeps no records of wrongs.

If indeed God is love, and indeed One, then the forgiveness and reconciliation that Father, Son, and Spirit as One God offers to us through Jesus includes shredding any rap sheet we create for ourselves and any we think God holds against us, and never starting new ones.  Reconciling love allows us the opportunity to heal relationships with others by shredding all those rap sheets we’ve been keeping against other people.

Lord, help me to let all of it go.