For the love of God

Love manifests a fearless beauty, intelligence, and appeal that cannot be bought, earned, or attained. George MacDonald wrote that “love is the opener as well as the closer of eyes.” We choose to love when we see each other authentically, warts and all, through the lens of Christ that transforms the view. We keep loving in the midst of joy or conflict, acceptance or rejection, confusion or certainty because Christ empowers is to love from a place of trusting the love of God

Experiencing the love of God causes us to become enveloped into the love of the Father for the Son and Spirit, Christ for the Father and Spirit, the Spirit for the Father and Son, and the love of the Triune God for each of us. Experiencing this love creates in us the impulse to draw others into that love as well. Love isn’t something we are obliged to express, it’s something we get to express.

Lord, help me to love fearlessly, freely, fiercely in You and through You.