I’m Maureen Herring.  I started writing these quick spiritual resets around 1995 in order to connect my attitude and my day to a scriptural idea. I like to start my morning with praise, prayer, and reflection but I’m not a morning person. I just can’t wrap my head around pages of text first thing in the morning so I save Bible study for later in the day. I  find that starting my day focused on one concept helps me to really integrate that idea into my heart. Also, if it’s short, even if I’m running late, I’ll do it.

I’m not a Biblical scholar or a minister, just an ordinary believer. I am grateful that Christ redeemed me in 1974 and is continually impacting my life and changing my heart and mind.

I am a librarian at Hyde Park Baptist High School in Austin, Texas.  Around 2001 I started sharing these quick devotionals as daily emails to my colleagues on the faculty. Outside-the-school requests to be added to the email list has grown, so I decided to blog my quick devotionals and put them on Facebook. Tweeting shorter versions came later. My prayer is that God uses these thoughts to bless others.

I’m married to Ted who is a cellist and tech guy. I have three sons and a daughter-in-law. They are amazing people.

I love movies and have written a book called Sinema7, about how the seven deadly sins and their opposing virtues are reflected in movies. I write two other blogs, one is at Sinema7 http://www.sinema7.net which continues the theme of the book, linking entertainment and culture to spiritual truth. The other is a professional site called Educational Technology Stuff for Teachers http://www.edtechstuff.com.